Windermere Broadoaks Country House praises Taran Baxter for 25 years of work

A PRESTIGIOUS hotel Windermere has paid tribute to one of its employees who has worked with them for a quarter of a century.

Taran Baxter, 43, has worked at Broadoaks Country House for 25 years and has been praised by her employers for the time she has dedicated to them and their business.

The Boutique Country House Hotel and Exclusive-Use Wedding Venue, located on Bridge Lane, has been Taran’s workplace since 1997.

Originally born in South Africa, Taran moved to London when she was 18 and eventually moved to the Lake District.

Having a hospitality background and attending Kendal College, she has held all major roles in the business, including kitchen, reception and administration.

Taran said: “When I was in London I didn’t fancy staying there, but then I saw an advert for the job in the Lake District.

“I started as a cleaner here while studying for three years at Kendal College.

“After that, I started working in the kitchen and became a chef at the hotel until December 2011.

“The following year, my daughter was born in February.

“My partner and I were both chefs, but I quickly decided to take a different route to the hotel, which allowed me to take more care of our daughter.

“We used to cook everything. We used to do everything. There weren’t separate departments for each type of food, so we did everything.

“These 25 years have been good for me. I can’t complain. It’s been good for me here.”

“It was January 21 when I started all those years ago.

“I did all the work, I think. I was the front desk manager, ran the day-to-day chores, took reservations, checked in guests and seated guests for after tea. -midday.

“We are a small hotel but we are very close to our customers and the community. In many cases, I would be their first point of contact.

“If someone asked me to do another 25, I would. I would be 78 then.

“Tracey and Jo who run the hotel have done so much for me and they are amazing people. I met Tracey before she bought the hotel so I worked with her from the start.

“I would like to thank Jo and Tracey for 15 great years and here are many more to come.”

Broadoaks Country House wrote on social media: ”

Happy 25th working anniversary to our adorable Taran.

“While Jo and I have only owned the hotel since 2007, Taran was already working at the hotel and came to us with the purchase, and we are delighted that she did.

“Jo and I are very proud of Taran’s accomplishments and dedication to Broadoaks and we make sure she feels very spoiled.

“Thank you for all you do, Taran, and for being the Oracle of Broadoaks.”

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