“We’re going straight to the belly of the beast:” Biden faces Georgia

As Democrats prepare to pass the bills in earnest, Senate Republicans led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have declared themselves open to a change to the 1887 Electoral Tally Act, which establishes the certification process. presidential elections. Democrats, including the White House, felt that this narrower focus was totally insufficient and was an attempt to distract from more comprehensive reforms. Meanwhile, Sen. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) says he will support some changes to Senate rules, but not the elimination or removal of legislative obstruction. Manchin, along with centrist-resistant Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona), is also in talks with a bipartisan group of senators over options to strengthen the voter count law.

Rep. Jim Clyburn (DS.C.), a White House confidant and Third House Democrat, took offense at Manchin’s argument that Senate rule changes should be bipartisan, saying “ we just don’t have enough Democrats who are touching the history of this country, or they would stop talking some of this nonsense.

“I am, as you know, a black person, descended from people who won the 15th Amendment vote in the United States Constitution. The 15th Amendment was not a bipartisan vote, it was a one-party vote that gave black people the right to vote, ”Clyburn said. “Manchin and others have to stop saying this because it pains me very much for someone to imply that the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution is not legitimate because it has no d bipartite membership. “

Asked about the desire of some Democrats like Manchin and Sinema to gain support across the aisle, Richmond said it would be unrealistic to expect Republicans to join them when have voted against the bills so far.

“These bills being passed in all of these Republican legislatures to restrict the right to vote, to obstruct the right to vote to overturn the vote, it was all done on a partisan basis with only Republican votes,” said Richmond. “And so to think that this same party that is doing this on a partisan basis would run to Congress and vote to protect themselves from them, might not be realistic.”

Manchin’s office declined to comment.

For Georgian Democrats, the debate around whether to adopt electoral reforms is particularly acute, as the state’s Republicans have ushered in a multitude of changes. The remade political landscape – two Senate victories last year a day before the Capitol Hill uprising in Washington that breathed new life into Biden’s agenda – combined to raise the ante.

Representative Nikema Williams (D-Ga.), Who has been in contact with the White House prior to the visit, said she expects Biden to provide details on how he plans to move the issue forward .

“I think coming to Atlanta, in the 5th Congressional District, I’m sitting in the seat that was once occupied by Congressman John Lewis,” Williams said. “We are the birthplace of the civil rights movement. You don’t come to Atlanta just for another speech. It is a question of action.

It couldn’t happen soon enough for Democrats in his state. More particularly, a Georgian Law 2021 GOP-backed and signed after Biden’s victory, among other things, restricts mail-in ballot drop-boxes to early-voting sites, requires additional ID for mail-in voting, and allows takeover by the State of County Elections.

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