Volunteers wanted to clean up Lake George Park

LAKE GEORGE, NY (NEWS10) – This Saturday, the Lake George Battlefield Park Alliance is appealing for help. May 7th is “I Love My Park Day” statewide and the historic lakeside landmark joins in the love.

Battlefield Park enlists volunteers to help with routine post-winter refreshes of the 35-acre grounds. They will rake the areas around the park’s historic statues, where leaves and branches often congregate, and plant flowers around the park’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is all part of beautifying the park and respecting local history at the same time.

“With the opening in May of our new visitor interpretive center, this is an especially important year for us to prepare Battlefield Park for an influx of history buffs and other tourists.” , said Dr. Russell Bellico, administrator of the Battlefield Park Alliance. “The added interest in the park and visitor center will continue to inspire us to present an unforgettable experience, both inside the center and along our beautiful walking areas.”

The lakeside park is one of more than 100 in New York to participate in “I Love My Park Day”, an event run by Parks & Trails New York. Those who want to help clean up, at Lake George or another park near them, can register through Parks & Trails New York online. Battlefield Park volunteers can also reach the alliance at [email protected]

Alliance President John DiNuzzio says sticks and leaves make up the majority of the cleaning the park needs each year. Although there is trash, it’s not a significant issue, even in the busy summer months. This Saturday is also promising good weather, with partly cloudy highs in the 60s. This is good news, because when the weather gets bad, it can create a lot of extra work.

“A few years ago we had to deal with the aftermath of a severe storm the night before ‘I Love My Park Day’ which blew off a number of large limbs and created other hazards,” DiNuzzio said. . “We encourage our volunteers to wear shoes or boots that can withstand the mud, bring gloves and tools – although DEC also provides them – and most importantly, cover up to ward off poison ivy. and deer ticks. It’s a great way to exercise after the winter doldrums and support a beautiful historic park.

Battlefield Park’s titular historic conflicts are part of both the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War. The land was the scene of battles between England and American settlers, and later between Algonquin and Iroquois tribes.

The park sits on land first purchased by New York State in 1898, including the home of the former Old Fort George. The state continued to acquire and expand the park until the mid-1960s. Along the way, it accommodated the statues that are now part of the maintenance effort, including the statue of King Henricks, consecrated in 1903; and “The Indian”, a depiction of an unnamed Native American, who joined him in 1921. A memorial site is also kept honoring four unknown soldiers identified as part of the “Bloody Morning Scout” skirmish at the Battle of Lake George in 1755. .

“I Love My Park Day” features an online map of more than 100 New York City parks where cleanup takes place on Saturday. Others in the Lake George area include Warrensburgh Mills Historic District Park, Luzerne Campground, and Lake Moreau State Park. In the Capital Region, cleanup is underway at locations including Schuyler Mansion, Prospect Park Disc Golf Course, Peeples Island State Park and Grafton Lakes State Park. Visit Parks & Trails New York for more information.

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