Throwback Thursday: San Antonio Spurs icon Tony Parker leads France to EuroBasket title

EuroBasket 2022 begins today, and while no San Antonio Spurs represent their country in the tournament, that hasn’t always been the case.

Spurs icon Tony Parker played a major role in the France squad from 2001 to 2015, leading his country to eight tournaments… but none more important than his penultimate in 2013.

France lost their opener to Germany but secured four straight wins, first place in their group and a trip to the round of 16. Parker played a crucial role in every victory except for a double-digit win except for a six-point win over Ukraine. Parker scored a record 28 to beat Ukraine and 20 in the following game against Belgium.

In the quarter-finals, Parker continued his dominance, scoring 27 points in a 72-62 quarter-final win over Slovenia to advance to the semi-finals against Spain.

Parker moved up a notch in the quarter-finals, scoring 32 points in an overtime win over the Spaniards to advance to his first EuroBasket final. During the game, he became the second top scorer in EuroBasket history.

In the final against Lithuania, France rode 31-12 in the second quarter to beat them by single digits and claim the first French EuroBasket title.

Parker led all tournament scorers, averaging 19 points per game en route to the title. This came just months after Spurs lost to the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals, but Parker was able to extend his success the following season, and in 2014 Spurs won their fifth NBA championship as the franchise … the fourth. in Parker’s career.

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