“The only eight-time world champion in F1 history.” French outlet celebrates Lewis Hamilton as 2021 F1 champion against Max Verstappen

French media hail Lewis Hamilton as 2021 F1 Worlds

Fans found themselves embroiled in bitter arguments on social media, while the general F1 community was divided by the controversial championship finale.

There was great controversy over the final result, with many fans lashing out at FIA race director Michael Masi for openly favoring Max Verstappen in the title fight against Lewis Hamilton.

A French magazine had a rather interesting but questionable theme on its cover page where it felt that Hamilton was the 2021 world champion and not Verstappen.

Sport and fair play make Lewis Hamilton the only eight-time world champion in F1 history. He thus exceeds the seven titles of Michael Schumacher and should post 104 victories to his name. And that it was decided that it was better for F1 that the race resume for the sole purpose of television without the conditions for this resumption being met is neither normal nor defensible.“, read their statement. [Express.co.uk]

The Briton was on course for his record eighth world championship title when Masi’s crucial call on the penultimate lap led to a starkly contrasting climax. The Dutchman then beat the seven-time world champion instead, and more, in an unusually easy way, thanks to the helping hand.

But then came the uproar. There were bitter verbal arguments all over the internet among the fans. Nevertheless, after a massive disagreement from most of the F1 community in December, the controversy finally seemed to have died down a bit. However, with fans ready to move on from the controversial Abu Dhabi GP, here is a French magazine that has managed to reignite the debate.

It was an unprecedented move by Masi and ultimately cost Hamilton the world title.

Aston Martin shakedown all-new 2022 F1 car at Silverstone

Aston Martin Formula 1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll piloted the new AMR22 in a shakedown at Silverstone.

Aston Martin launched its all-new AMR22 car on Thursday afternoon, becoming the third team to show off its new car.

The AMR22 features a slightly revised livery compared to its predecessor, with the iconic green strewn throughout.

Unlike Red Bull, who opted to unveil a demo car, Aston Martin have launched something closer to what we’ll see at the first race in Bahrain.

The Silversotne-based side will be hoping for an improvement in form after a lackluster 2021 campaign where they finished seventh in the Championship.

Vettel scored the only Team of the Year podium at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, while Lance Stroll failed to match his team-mate’s heights but was a more consistent goalscorer.

The duo took to the Silverstone track to shake the car for the first time.

It’s the first time a 2022-spec car has hit a Grand Prix circuit ahead of the new season.

Aston Martin technical director Andrew Green said the team was keen to shake the car out before testing to identify any potential issues ahead of the Barcelona test later this month.

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