The fast leverage costs the loan management fee

In addition to interest rates, the fast leverage costs the loan management fee.

The loan management fee shall be 0.01% per day of the amount of credit or credit line agreed for the duration of the credit agreement, subject to a minimum of USD 5 per credit term and a maximum of USD 150 per year.

What is the Borrowing Rate?

What is the Borrowing Rate?

The nominal interest rate on quick leash is 19.90%. The actual annual interest rate of the loan depends on the loan amount selected.

The annual percentage rate of charge is between 27.92% and 30.16%. You will always see the actual annual interest rate on the loan prerequisites sent to you as well as the final loan terms.

How is the loan repaid?

You will receive an invoice no later than the day following the date of your borrowing, which will provide you with a breakdown of your payment table and loan repayments. The loan will be repaid in monthly installments. The first due date is one month after the date of the loan. You can also pay in advance. You can get an up-to-date refund of the credit from our customer service: tel. 0600 30 6000 (1 $ / call + 1.98 $ / min) or customer [email protected]

I paid my monthly installment before I got my bill, do I still have to pay the bill?

Applies to Loan and Credit loans granted before September 1, 2019.

If you paid your invoice before the end of the billing period, the payment will reduce your outstanding balance, but you still have to pay the invoice. The invoice is sent 14 days before the due date, so the billing period ends before that. You can check with our customer service.

Can I change my billing date?


Applies to Loan and Credit loans granted before September 1, 2019.

As a Loan and Credit Credit customer, you have the option to change your billing date and postpone the due date by up to two weeks.

Applies to instant loans granted after August 31, 2019.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with instant and consumer loans with predefined payment schedules.

For billing and due date changes, please contact our customer service by emailing customer [email protected] or calling 0600 30 6000 (1 $ / call + 1.98 $ / min).

Can I get an invoice to my email instead of a paper invoice?

Yes. You can also receive invoices by email. After choosing the electronic invoicing method, the traditional paper invoice will not be sent home, but will only be delivered electronically.

Please note that any reminder invoices will always be sent by post.

I haven’t received my bill, do I still have to pay it?


Yes. If you have not received the invoice, you should contact customer service. The absence of an invoice does not justify non-payment of the loan.

If you’ve selected email invoicing, always check your email’s spam box for the filter.

What are the consequences of a late payment or an unpaid invoice?

Failure to pay your bill is a breach of contract. In the event of late payment of your invoice, you may be charged interest on the outstanding invoice in accordance with the Interest Act, as well as reminder and collection costs in accordance with the Debt Collection Act. Our standard rule is that we send a reminder 14 days after the due date of the invoice. If a payment reminder is still outstanding on the due date of the reminder, we will transfer the outstanding loan to recovery.

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