Shop for vintage glassware on Etsy: 11 best shops to browse


Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or hosting a dinner party, there’s no better way to serve up beautiful drinks than in one-of-a-kind vintage glassware. Unique colors, interesting shapes and affordable prices make these ships great accent pieces at the table or to simply “romanticize your life”, as Kaitlin Spring, home decor influencer and owner of Yin and Yang Vintage puts it. Best of all, these pieces are steeped in history and give a little glimpse into what life might have been like when they were originally premiered: they may have toasted an engagement in the 1970s. , or they graced a family table in the 1950s.

However, finding the right glasses can take hours digging through your local thrift store or scrolling Instagram to find a set for your neatly organized bar cart. To date, there are 352,000 listings of vintage glasses on Etsy, and over the past year, searches of the site for glasses, glasses or bar items have increased 147%.

“As buyers increasingly seek out items that stand out, many are turning to vintage items,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s resident trends expert. Etsy’s vintage stores carry all kinds of exceptional glasses, perfect for customers who are looking for “those unique pieces that no one else will have, while buying sustainably by giving new life to existing products.”

We’ve chatted with home decor experts who share their top tips for finding vintage glassware on Etsy that you’ll love forever.

To ask questions

Etsy store owners typically upload between five and eight photos to make sure customers have a clear idea of ​​the condition of the parts. them in the photos. Do not hesitate to ask for close-up photos of any imperfections! It doesn’t hurt to examine the fine print, either. Hannah Baxter, associate beauty editor at The Zoe Report and a self-proclaimed Etsy demoness suggests asking sellers what their post-purchase policy is. “I want to know how the seller handles the situation if something breaks during transport,” she says. “It’s the risk of not buying glassware in person, but experienced sellers understand this and will do their best to work with you. “

Don’t be afraid not to match

When organizing a collection of glasses, don’t be discouraged if you can’t find complete sets. “I used to only buy sets of four, but it was getting old because I realized I loved mix and match,” Kaitlin says. “I think it’s more fun and allows you to have a larger eclectic collection.” To create the perfect, matching mood, she recommends buying items that have a similar color or shape. Look for glasses that are all in the same color family or serve the same purpose.

Follow your instincts

The more you like the room, the more likely you will use it! When shopping for vintage glasses, try to find glasses that remind you of a special time or place that you love. As a former bartender, Hannah is drawn to the “classic shape of an old-fashioned glass”. And when you find the perfect piece, don’t hesitate, advises Dayna. “Most likely, this item is one of a kind and will not have multiples.” she says. “So if you see something you like, buy it! He might not be there a few hours later.

Use glasses as decor

Whether it’s on your bar cart or on a shelf, glassware is a great way to add color to your common spaces. “Available in a variety of shapes and colors, vintage glasses add a touch of charm and personality to any table, bar cart or even shelf display,” says Dayna. You can use a pitcher to display your favorite flowers or a clear martini glass to display your collection of matches. Interior designer Michelle Gage recommends buying glasses with hints of “blue and gold” to help bring out the holiday spirit or look for items with “hints of rose” that can be used and exhibited all year round.

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