Report: Jan.6 House Select Committee Cannot Find Former Trump Assistant To Serve Subpoena


The House select committee investigating the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill was unable to personally deliver a subpoena to Dan Scavino, deputy chief of staff for communications and director of social media at the House White Trump, several people familiar with the matter told CNN on Tuesday.

Last month, subpoenas were issued to Scavino and three other close allies of former President Donald Trump, with the panel asking them to turn in the documents by October 7 and sit down for a deposition before October 15. October. While it may be difficult to pin down anyone, over the past few days Scavino has been active on social media behind the committee, CNN reports.

The committee said in its letter to Scavino that because it has been close to Trump for several years, it could provide information on discussions Trump had with members of Congress on January 5 over the non-certification of the elections, as well as on communication from Trump’s White House. strategy leading up to the Jan.6 “Stop the Steal” which took place just before a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol.

Some people who receive subpoenas may not comply, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), One of the two Republicans on the select committee, told CNN the panel “will do whatever it takes. that’s in our power to get them to testify. I mean, there are civil referrals, there are criminal referrals that can happen if they refuse, refusing a congressional subpoena is a crime. He has added: “The problem is when you start to see people resist, and people obscure, you have to watch this and go, why are they doing this if they have nothing to hide?”

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