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HORICO – Is the Satterlee Clark House Museum in Horicon haunted?

Curator Lahnie Neu believes so and invited a team of paranormal investigators to the site in January to check it out. The results of the investigation will be revealed on Sunday as part of a fundraiser for the Horicon Historical Society’s annual haunted historical tours.

Neu said that whenever an event takes place at the museum, the question of ghosts or spirits arises. Many volunteers and visitors have mentioned strange occurrences they encountered during their stay at the facility.

Facilities at the Horicon Historical Society are shown in this photo Thursday. The Satterlee Clark House, left, and Old Park School, right, were recently investigated for paranormal activity.

Kelly Simon

Unsure if the encounters were a real experience or the power of suggestion, the Horicon Historical Society decided to enlist Western Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations to help sift through the stories. Three properties were studied, including Satterlee Clark House, Old Park School and the Blacksmith’s Shop.

The investigation team did not charge for their services. Neu said she chose to have their findings revealed at a public event to satisfy the curiosity of community members and encourage others to learn more about local history.

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“There is video evidence, there is still image evidence and voice recorded evidence. There’s a lot of evidence that I don’t think people will be more skeptical after Sunday,” she said.

Photos and videos will be projected onto a large screen and an electronic voice phenomenon will be broadcast over the Horicon American Legion PA system. The historical society holds the reveal off-site in order to accommodate a large crowd.

Howard Hazen, WWPI’s lead investigator, will explain the equipment used, how the evidence was collected and what makes it paranormal in nature.

After the presentation, he and Neu will discuss any questions the audience may have.

Neu described the HHS spirits as “friendly, and I think they quite enjoy the company of our guests.”

The Western Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations team also recently explored the Dodge County Historical Society at Beaver Dam. Curator Kurt Sampson said they investigated twice and planned to return because of all the paranormal activity they found there.

“We’ve had activity here forever, and it’s been witnessed by myself and other board members and former curators,” he said. “For some reason, the behavior of this building changes after about 7 p.m. The atmosphere becomes very heavy here and you can feel it changing.”

Both Neu and Sampson have suggested that it is possible that the artifacts carry a spirit with them.

The results of the Dodge County Historical Society surveys are available on the website

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