New Zealand consul hails longstanding ties with New Caledonia

New Zealand’s consul general for the French territories in the Pacific, Felicity Roxburgh, said the New Zealand presence in New Caledonia was historic.

She says she seeks to strengthen economic and political ties with the French territories in the Pacific.

Felicity Roxburgh, Consul General of New Zealand for the French Pacific Territories
Photo: Facebook of the NZ Consulate in New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis & Futuna

It comes as New Zealand celebrates 50 years of its consulate in New Caledonia, which also covers links with French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna.

Felicity Roxburgh said her job was to take New Zealand’s relationship with the French Pacific to the next level.

“This year marks 50 years since New Zealand opened the consulate in Noumea, and it is also 80 years since the New Zealand military presence which was here during the Second World War. So there is a lot of history in the relationship, so my job is to try to deepen those ties and take our relationship with the French territories in the Pacific to the next level economically and politically,” he said. she declared.

Roxburgh also said his visit to French Polynesia showed him a deeper connection to the territory.

She was appointed to this position in June last year and has just made her first visit.

Roxburgh was unable to make the trip earlier due to the French legislative elections and the pandemic.

She said her visit to French Polynesia showed a deep connection to New Zealand’s whakapapa.

“It has been, as you said, there was the Polynesian connection, there’s trade, there’s tourism and there’s also a significant source of students from New Zealand and there’s also has a lot of whakapapa ties to Tainui. When I was finished there, they showed me the exit where Tainui went with their waka.”

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