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About 100 people gathered on Saturday for the dedication and inauguration of the new Farm Heritage Museum.

Iron Horse Museum Foundation Board Member Steve Farrell shared the history of the museum, from designing to demolishing old houses to build the museum, raising funds, raising 390 tons of rock, the construction of the metal building and the construction of the bathrooms, exhibition showcases and exhibition spaces.

Farrell said the original Farm Heritage Council’s vision was to construct a building to house its collection of vintage farm equipment to preserve that history.

“We, the Iron Horse Museum Incorporated, are pleased to have made that vision a reality,” said Farrell.

Board member Ken Ervin presented the awards at the end of the ceremony.

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The prizes for the project’s top five donors were awarded to Gary Beachner, Eugene Beachner, Steve Farrell, Murland Taylor and Ken Ervin.

The Spark Plug Volunteer Awards were presented to Arley Journot, Murland Taylor, Mike Alderman, Bev Browne, Nathan Doyle, Elizabeth Ervin, Steve Farrell, John Chambers, Bill Newby, Charles Wells, Ken Ervin, Sam Ringle, Marvin McKinney, Chuck Marquardt , Casey Doyle, Rick Tucker, Travis Brunback, Charles Dodds, John Bolander, Dr Joe Wommack and Mary Ginny Wommack.

Estimating a salary of $15 an hour, Ervin said volunteers donated $68,000 in labor in addition to in-kind donations.

Parsons Mayor Leland Crooks said if people just looked around the museum they could see how hard the predecessors must have worked. He said both of his grandfather were farmers.

“Museums are important. Museums not only show us what has been done in the past and how hard our predecessors worked, they also show us how far we have come and what we can do in the future. If they did, why can’t we go much further,” Crooks said. “What has been done here, along with the growth of the Parsons Museum over the years, is simply astounding. It’s a real benefit to the community and something we should be incredibly proud of and be incredibly proud of the volunteers who have made this possible over the years. … This is amazing. Thanks.”

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