Mississippi Children’s Museum – Meridian wins prestigious award


MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – “I think anyone who walks through these doors discovers their inner child,” said Liz Wilson, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum.

Your Inner Child can now be opened through an award-winning institution at the Mississippi Children’s Museum in Meridian.

Who is now the proud recipient of the Governor’s Conference on Tourism Mississippi Tourist Attraction of the Year award in a record-breaking year for nominations.

“We knew this was a resource that not only our community would invest in and use,” Wilson said, “It would attract people outside of our community to come and explore East Mississippi and Meridian.”

This investment is not in vain, Mississippi State University found that the Children’s Museum has an economic impact of two million dollars on Meridian.

“It’s wonderful, we are partnering with them, we have sowing machines in there and just the economic impact of it, it’s going to be awesome,” said Chip Slayton, owner and manager of the center. seam and vacuum, “We had people come from the museum to our shop, we actually sold from that. Direct impact on us.

Welcoming visitors from 73 Mississippi counties, 39 states and two foreign countries, many have felt the impact of the children’s museum.

“They get to know the rich cultural history of our community,” Wilson said.

It is this meridian community that has contributed the most to the museum being honored.

“We really couldn’t have brought a world-class facility of this nature to our community without the more than 700 community donors and supporters who made this possible,” Wilson said.

The next event at the Children’s Museum will be on November 7, when they will have their last guest artist.

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