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WATCH: Memphis Museum launches ‘Mental Health Minute’ videos for parents to teach children WATCH: Memphis Museum launches ‘Mental Health Minute’ videos for parents to teach kids

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – In light of this weekend’s mass shooting in upstate New York, parents may have questions about the best ways to discuss headlines with their children, regardless of age.

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A museum in Memphis answers some of these questions through short, informative social media videos.

Dr. Stewart Burgess, Executive Director of the Memphis Children’s Museumsaid their “Mental Health Minute” videos can try to give parents a head start.

“Talking about emotions should be a normal everyday thing for kids of all ages,” Burgess said.

Whether your kids are in elementary or high school, discussing traumatic and national headlines can be a challenge.

Burgess said, anyway, this is a conversation that needs to take place.

“When talking about something sensitive with a child and you are unsure of their level, I always ask questions first, and I recommend that adults ask questions and find out what the knowledge base is of a child in the field and what their questions are,” Burgess said.

The videos, each one minute long, discuss some of the ways to help build your child’s resilience and connect them to their emotions in healthy ways.

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“The thing that becomes more predictive in their ability to change their behavior is when they understand the things that cause anger, sadness, and happiness, so understanding those causes of emotions.”

Burgess said whether it’s as simple as knowing how your friend might feel if you steal their ball on the playground or teaching them that it’s okay for them to express how they feel, it will all be for them. useful the older it gets.

“Sometimes we don’t handle our emotions perfectly, and that’s okay, but the trick is to get better and better and get your patterns right,” Burgess said.

Burgess said he plans to continue posting these videos once a week in May and then throughout the year.

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