Lupe Fiasco and Royce 5’9 “Drop Diss Tracks against each other


Looks like Lupe Fiasco and Royce’s 5’9 “friendship may have turned sour as the two rappers dropped bits of vitriolic diss that were aimed at each other.

On Wednesday, July 21, Royce released a jab-filled, Carlos Broady-produced track titled “Silence of the Lambda” via Instagram, consisting of several dissensions towards Lupe.

“Solidarity like that muscle that we refuse to flex / This synergy that these niggas just refuse to harness / In our disparity, matches our restlessness, we breathe success / Attack us mentally, that’s what kings do energy is trapped / Therefore i ended up promoting stupid shit / i’m gonna put a hole in your son while he holds your sun chips / while you’re there with a chip on your shoulder / Like you Hova or shit “, he rhymes.

In the same verse, Royce continues, “Your flow is redundant, I’m going to separate your body from your soul / Now your body is cold, is getting out of hand / Now you’re out there, the body odor is pungent / To get out of your body on the guesses / Look at all those passive aggressive pussies / All the past careless positions these pussies put me in / We cool niggas bring food and booze and fillings. “

The Detroit rhymer’s mention of food and alcohol is likely a reference to Lupe Fiasco’s debut album, Food and alcohol.

Then, earlier today (July 22), Lupe delivered her own record, “Steve Jobs: SLR 3 1/2”, produced by Soundtrakk.

Chicago Spitter’s bars, however, felt a bit more personal.

“I think that nigga scared, he never leaves heaven because he’s already dead / Nigga are you crazy? / What’s the use of knowing how to point and aim / If the niggas you gonna hit have exactly the same looks / It’s not a fucking shit ‘cool / It’s a fucking shame / It’s not a fucking game / That’s why I think you’re a fuckin lame / We wear both glasses / The difference is I was at school thinking it was cool, you were thinking about skipping class, “he rapped on the six-minute song.

It also rhymes: “Listening to your track record, I can see that you were skipping classics / I did it on my first one and delivered to the masses / Your songs are immemorial / Your verses are impenetrable / I don’t even listen to this diss record / I only fuck with you because of your interviews / I didn’t even get it when you called me a bitch / I was like, “Look Salem, call me a witch.”

Lupe Fiasco’s name Salem likely refers to the immortal cat who speaks like a human from the 1990s sitcom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Lupe goes on to mention apparently unresolved issues he had with Royce 5’9 “stemming from the podcast they are sharing called The Lupe and Royce show.

“According to the podcast, I was a little skeptical / This isn’t our first clash / It’s just one of many / And I’m not trying to bash, it was like you didn’t wasn’t on your schedule / You threw more than jabs / I was like this nigga was amazing / We had to fucking edit you / I don’t know which vegan veg from Detroit Dr. Sebi’s diet got you infected thinking we shared the same metrics or somehow i was less than you / and i was the kind of nigga you could really disrespect / i never did you the lesson / I’m getting energetic and joking / But as a real nigga, I never disrespected you, “Lupe laments.

Apparently, the origin of the bar battle stems from a conversation the veteran rhymers had in June on Instagram Live about the credentials required to be considered the best rapper. Lupe claims that to be crowned the title, a rapper would have to be victorious at the End of the Weak MC Challenge. However, Royce begged to differ.

A few weeks later, around July 15th, the best rapper conversation continued on IG Live with the opinions of pioneering producer Young Guru, Royce 5’9 “, Mickey Factz and the legendary Battle MCs Loaded Lux ​​and Murda. Mook The subject later became a lyrical song square between Royce and Lupe.

Lupe then joined the live chat and that’s when things apparently got out of hand with vocals going up and Royce called Lupe a bitch, which Lupe mentioned in her aforementioned diss.

Despite the escalation of things between the two masterful rappers, let’s hope it’s just rap and the friendship hasn’t been tarnished by the lyrical hits thrown.

Check out Royce 5’9 ″ “Silence of the Lambda” below.

Scroll down to listen to “Steve Jobs: SLR 3 1/2” by Lupe Fiasco.

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