Keep track of the landmarks you’ve seen with this scratch card


No matter where you are in the United States, there is probably an exciting landmark nearby. The country is home to world-class national parks, famous museums, and several giant string balls. Whether you’ve traveled coast to coast or just dreamed of someday leaving your time zone, this scratch card lets you keep track of the American sights you’ve seen.

This interactive print from Pop Chart features road-worthy destinations in all 50 states and Washington, DC The top layer is a basic map of the United States with landmarks marked by name. If you’ve visited a location, you can scratch off the name to reveal an illustrated icon of the location printed on the second layer. The map changes as you scratch more places, ultimately revealing a brand new poster that acts as a colorful record of your travels.

While Pop Chart couldn’t fit all of the notable sites on the map, they did come up with a diverse list of places. Featured destinations include the Mall of America in Minnesota, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, a Full size transformer in Oklahoma, and the Idaho Potato Museum. Even if you haven’t visited many landmarks on the map, you can use it as a tool to plan your next adventure across the country.

The 16-inch by 12-inch card is now available at for $ 25. If you’re looking to fill your walls, here are some more fascinating illustrated posters from Pop Chart.

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