Joe Girard III leads the country in 3-point shooting

After a disappointing 15-point home loss to Colgate over the weekend, it’s clear that the entire Syracuse basketball roster, including junior point guard Joe Girard III, needs to improve in zone 2-3 and on the glass.

But despite this setback, let’s not overlook what the 6-foot-1 Girard did on the offensive side of the pitch for the Orange (2-1), especially after experiencing ups and downs there is a stanza during of his second visit.

In the team’s 100-85 loss to the Raiders last Saturday night on the Hill, Girard amassed a team-high 27 points, as well as an impressive eight assists and seven rebounds.

Once again he was perfect from the charity gang. He shot 57.1% from the field and 62.5% from beyond the arc, according to ESPN statistics.

Syracuse basketball playmaker Joe Girard III has started this tenure pretty well.

I can already imagine what some of my fellow Cuse fans will say if they read this article or see it on social media. They will respond that Girard has only played three games so far, and against average competition.

Well those two things could be true, although I would say Colgate and another Orange nemesis, Drexel, are both very good teams.

Either way, if it’s fair for a contingent of Syracuse basketball fans to proclaim that the team’s defense is awful at this point in the season, then it’s fair for me to think that Girard has proven to be stellar in attack so far in the stanza stream.

Through these three clashes outside the conference, Girard produces a kind of figures. He’s second on the ‘Cuse in scoring, at 19.3 points per game, trailing only senior shooting guard Buddy Boeheim, and not by much.

From his ESPN biography, Girard has 6.7 assists against only 2.3 turnovers per game, to accompany 3.7 rebounds and 1.7 steals.

In addition, he shoots perfectly 100% from the free throw line, 60.0% from the field as a whole and a ridiculous 81.3% from the 3 point field, who at the time of this writing was No. 1 across the country, according to NCAA statistics.

He makes an average of 4.33 long-distance attempts per case, good for # 3 nationwide at the time of writing.

And as a sign of his strong facilitation towards other Syracuse basketball players so far in the 2021-22 campaign, Girard’s 6.7 assists per game have been # 11 nationally when I wrote this column.

Yes, it is at the start of the current mandate. But let’s also give credit where credit is due. Joe Girard III, at least in attack, has a fabulous start.

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