Italy: Argentinian tourist crashed his drone into a historic monument in Rome and could pay a fine of almost 70 thousand dollars

A 39-year-old Argentinian tourist crashed his drone into a historic building in Rome and I could afford one fine of about 70 thousand dollars. It is accused of circumventing strict rules of the drone no-fly zone over the city.

The man was piloting his camera in Piazza Venezia when lost control and crashed against the roof of the monument. The device was recovered by security personnel at the scene before being seized by local police.

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Fines for violating drone regulations in Italy range from 516 and 64 thousand euros. That is to say from $552 to $68,540.

The Argentinian tourist must pay a fine. (Photo: TN)

People who want to film or take photos of the Italian capital from above with these artifacts must obtain permission and be registered with the National Civil Aviation Entity (ENAC). Pilot one of these aircraft in central Rome and the Vatican is totally prohibited.

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The monument in which the Argentinian drone crashed is known to house the Mussolini’s balcony. There, the Italian dictator declared war on Britain and France in June 1949. Today, the Palazzo Venezia houses a museum inside.

Other similar episodes with drones

A few days ago, two Mexican tourists They crashed their drone into the Leaning Tower of Pisa.. Both have faced police action for breaking no-fly rules around the famous landmark in the Tuscan town.

In July 2021, a 61-year-old man was charged with “undermining transport security” after flying his device over Rome at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

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This man, who was a member of a Facebook page for drone fans, was reported after a professional pilot saw him.

Similarly, in 2020, a 40-year-old Polish tourist crushed his artifact inside the Colosseum although he was warned against piloting the device inside the old amphitheater and was also fined.

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