Inside Princess Anne’s ‘unconventional’ kitchen at Gatcombe Park – with a large walk-in fridge


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Well we love it! It’s rare that we discover such fascinating details about a royal’s home, but we’ve found a rare gem in a story about the fabulous Princess Anne‘s Gatcombe Park Estate.

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In an article by The Lady magazine Titled “Christmas with Princess Anne”, the post reveals all about the royal cuisine, which is run in “a very relaxed country house style, with dogs and horses in priority”.

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Anne’s cuisine is said to be “unconventional” with the brilliant atmosphere of Downton Abbey combined with royal dogs. The kitchen is the domain of the dogs (I love it!) And the room is “big but simple”. The huge fridge is our favorite part though …

The Lady writes: “Her petite figure is a testament to the fact that she is not a heavy eater, but the large walk-in fridge is her favorite spot. The cook will leave snacks for the princess. Full-bodied cheeses, pâtés and cooked hams hanging on the cold interior walls of the refrigerated chamber are not lacking. Pheasants, of course, will be suspended in season. “

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gatcombe park

Princess Anne House, Gatcombe Park

The Princess Royal doesn’t like trash so staff are encouraged to find use for everything in the kitchen, the post reveals.

As for Anne’s favorite dishes, The Lady explains how the QueenS daughter likes simple cooking, but on occasion she asks her cook to prepare a recipe she found in a magazine. The mother-of-two sticks to lighter meals during a workday or at formal events.

princess royal

Princess royal

We also know a bit about Anne’s dining habits. The 71-year-old royal prefers simplicity over bustle, choosing to serve her guests “pork pies” or “all that Fray Bentos,” a supermarket brand of canned meat.

According to Online Mail, the princess likes to serve “what she can thaw the fastest”, with boiled potatoes and peas or green beans.

Regarding her quick meal choices, Anne previously explained: “After all, we want everyone out of the house by 9:15 pm at the latest. For the pudding, I’ll pass them chocolate ice cream to eat in the car.”

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