How much would the lavish Peaky Blinders mansions, homes and clubs cost you in today’s silver

From the smog-choked narrow streets of downtown Birmingham to his country mansion, Tommy Shelby’s homes have fascinated Peaky Blinders fans.

The BBC crime drama follows Tommy, the patriarch of the Shelby crime family, from his early days in a terraced house in Small Heath to his rural Warwickshire stack. Also of interest are The Garrison pub, Aunty Polly’s Tudor home, Alfie Solomons’ warehouse, the palace of aristocratic horse trainer May Carleton and the club of Tommy’s rival Darby Sabini.

We don’t know how much Tommy and his parents, friends, associates and enemies would have paid for their fictional homes. Also, it’s been 100 years since the days of the Peaky Blinders which were loosely based on a street gang of the same name.

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But estate agent Barrows and Forrester has looked at how much these homes and properties would cost you in today’s money. And the prices may surprise you.

The latest series, starring Cillian Murphy as Tommy, is currently airing on BBC1. As the dark and violent drama unfolds in Birmingham and London, some scenes were filmed in Yorkshire, including Leeds Town Hall, Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford; Dalton Mills, Keighley; Bolton Abbey and Ilkley Winter Gardens.

The original Shelby family home

Powis Street, Liverpool, played Watery Lane where the Shelbys’ first family home was located

The Shelbys lived in a terraced house on Watery Lane in Birmingham’s Small Health. It used to be a real street, but Powis Street in Liverpool (pictured above) has played its part.

Today, an equally modest homestead in Small Heath, which is still a relatively deprived area, would cost around £191,769.

Tommy’s mansion

While Tommy’s country mansion is supposed to be in Warwickshire, Arley Hall, Cheshire replaced it. Barrows and Forrester say he is worth an estimated £1.45million.

Aunt Polly’s House

Matriarch Shelby, played by the late Helen McCrory, lived in a Tudor-style house in the upscale, then semi-rural neighborhood of Sutton Coldfield. Barrows and Forrester estimate Aunt Polly’s gaffe would cost £506,240.

The garrison

The Garrison Pub, Garrison Lane, Birmingham
The Garrison Pub, Garrison Lane, Birmingham

The pub owned by Shelby is actually a real pub on Garrison Lane, Small Heath. Barrows and Forrester put its modern price tag at £909,645

Alfie Solomon’s Warehouse

Alfie, played by Tom Hardy, runs his business from a dark and eerie warehouse in Camden, north London. If you bought converted warehouse space in today’s market, you can expect to pay around £1.4million, according to Barrows and Forrester’s estimate.

May Carleton’s mansion

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, was used for the aristocratic horse trainer’s palace which she inherited from her late husband. The house – and residence of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire – is estimated at £27.5million.

Darby Sabini’s club

The British-Italian mobster and Shelby rival has a jazz club on Eden Street near Euston Station, London. The property is now worth around £4.1million.

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