Ghosts Season 2 Star On If Jay Will See Spirits

Ghosts Star Utkarsh Ambudkar reveals if Jay will see the spirits in season 2. The CBS sitcom is based on the BBC One comedy series of the same name. The stars of the show iZombie direct Rose McIver and free guy‘s Ambudkar as Sam and Jay Arondekar, two married New Yorkers who inherit a beautiful country home, the Woodstone Mansion, from Sam’s estranged aunt. The two move into the residence with the intention of convert to a B&B, not knowing that it is inhabited by the spirits of those who died on the property.


Early, Ghosts designs a way for Sam to interact with the supernatural residents of Woodstone. In the pilot episode, Sam falls from a flight of stairs and his near-death experience allows him to perceive entities that other people cannot. Sam is then thrown into resolving post-existential ghost crises in Woodstone. Initially, Jay thinks Sam is hallucinating, but as the ghosts make their presence felt, he comes to terms with them and tries to communicate despite his inability to see them. Fans were eager to find out if that would change now that Ghosts season 2 is on the way, and they asked Ambudkar about the same thing.

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Now, in an interview with ColliderAmbudkar Reveals He Doesn’t Know If Jay Will See The Titular Characters Ghosts season 2. However, the actor has some ideas about how Jay can connect with ghosts in the future. Read what he says below.

“I think the easiest solution would be for it to be something temporary. Maybe Jay falls and hits his head. I don’t know, maybe he falls through the ground in the last episode… I haven’t read the scripts so I can’t even tell you what’s going on anyway! But I will say it would be a joy to work with these guys as an actor. And from a story perspective, it may be too soon for Jay to see the ghosts. We’ve got 22 episodes, we’re in season 2, we had such a great run in season 1, so who knows where we’re going, but the short answer is yes. I would like to.

Ambudkar’s comments are somewhat contradictory, but they still make sense. Jay being able to see ghosts is something a lot of fans want, but since Ghosts is just heading into season 2, it might be a little too early for him to gain the same abilities as Sam. However, as the actor mentions, the sitcom can test the waters and see how fans react to the makes Jay see the ghosts by making it a temporary scenario. For example, Jay might get high on Flower’s psychedelics which allow him to see his supernatural housemates for a time, but eventually this ability is removed as the effect wears off. If Jay’s interaction with ghosts is welcomed, then the show may choose to adopt the trope on a recurring basis, where every time Jay wants to see or talk to someone, he takes a drug and becomes momentarily clairvoyant. This way he could watch basketball games with Pete and cook with Hetty, which resulted in hilarious gags.

There is no doubt that a lot of humor on Ghosts comes from Jay’s inability to see or hear the paranormal characters. In Season 1, the running joke of Jay thinking that ghosts float through the air when he talks to them and the general awkwardness between him and the spirits proved to be a hit. However, with 22 more episodes to go Ghosts season 2, it won’t be long before the plot device starts to feel redundant. In the BBC One series, Jay’s British counterpart Mike still can’t see the ghosts, even though it’s already been three seasons. It doesn’t necessarily feel repetitive as there are only six episodes in each series. However, with its copious Season 2 order, CBS’ Ghosts must come up with a different plan, one that doesn’t take away the charm from the current dynamic but simultaneously offers something refreshing to fans with the interactions between Sam, Jay, and the ghosts.

Source: Collider

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