Getting ready for National Selfie Day at the Photoverse Selfie Museum

MILWAUKEE – I find it interesting that due to social media and smartphones, selfies have become a thing. So much so that it is said that 92 million selfies are taken daily.

According to the Internet story of National Selfie Day: The word “Selfie” was coined in 2002. However, it gained popularity in 2013 after the Oxford English Dictionary named it the word of the year. . In 2014, DJ Rick McNeely established June 21 as National Selfie Day.

It seems that there are several types of selfies; Mirror selfies, group selfies and filtered selfies, to name a few.

I’m not good at taking selfies, but since practicing self-portraiture is part of the way we live life these days, I met Maddox Phillips, a selfie expert/youngster at the Photoverse Selfie Museum , to learn the tricks of taking the perfect selfie.

“First, you need to know how to use your phone,” Maddox said. He suggested holding the phone high and setting the timer so you have enough time to strike the perfect pose. he also showed me how to use the camera on the back of the phone using the volume button as a shutter. Even though I learned a lot, my selfies weren’t great, but I had a lot of fun.

Tuesday is National Selfie Day and the Photoverse Selfie Museum in 3rd Street Market Hall will be offering FREE admission. Put your selfie skills to the test and share them with me.










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