French government says economic difficulties will persist until 2024

Ramin Mazaheri

TV press, Paris

The French government has effectively declared that the current economic woes of the people will persist for years.

Unprecedented inflation may not pick up again until 2024, which could cause major problems for recently re-elected President Emmanuel Macron.

The French government has warned not to expect inflation to return to normal before the end of 2023.

At almost 6%, French inflation is the highest since 1985, and the government says the peak will not even be reached before this winter.

It’s a surprisingly serious diagnosis. Inflation has apparently been voters’ number one complaint since the introduction of the euro in 1999, and now it’s worse than ever.

Many point to the pan-European project, with Brussels demanding austerity and forcing Paris to ignore mass protests and public opinion.

In the EU, only Malta has managed to keep inflation down – France has been saved by its constantly ridiculed socialist-inspired measures, such as energy price caps.

However, many are calling for more price caps, re-indexed pensions, immediate bonuses, higher wages across the board and especially for low-wage workers to prevent inflation from skyrocketing the poverty rate .

80% of French people say they are watching their spending more carefully, which looks likely to officially push France’s consumer-driven economy into a recession in the next quarter.

70% are wary of their economic future, which is record pessimism so soon after a presidential election.

The French have been told they could face nearly two years of widespread economic hardship. This could not only affect the parliamentary elections this month, but it could once again lead to major social unrest.

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