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  1. Eight incumbents of state legislative posts lost in primaries in 2021
  2. Six weeks before the general election, here’s what we cover
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Eight incumbents of state legislative posts lost in primaries in 2021

Eight state legislative incumbents – five Democrats and three Republicans – lost in the primaries in 2021, representing 3.9% of all incumbents who sought re-election and 20% of all incumbents who faced contested primaries.

On average, 8.4 candidates have been defeated in the previous five legislative primary elections in odd-numbered states. Sixteen incumbents lost in the 2019 primaries, which saw lawmakers from Louisiana and Mississippi also on the ballot. No holder lost the primaries in 2017.

At the chamber level, however, those defeats marked decade-highs. Two of the three houses that have held an election this year have recorded a record number of defeats over the decade: the New Jersey General Assembly (3) and the Virginia House of Delegates (5). The incumbents have won all contested primaries in the New Jersey State Senate since 2003.

In total, before the legislative elections, the 2021 cycle is already tied for the second highest number of incumbents defeated among these three chambers during the previous decade.

Looking at the parties of these defeated incumbents, the incumbent Democratic and Republican lost in contested primaries in greater numbers than at any time in the previous decade among those three chambers.

This is mainly due to the defeats of the incumbent Democrats in Virginia, where the party holds a 55-45 majority and defends a majority of seats for the first time since 1999. Four of the five defeated Democratic incumbents have served in the House. delegates from Virginia. .

Two hundred and twenty state legislative seats are up for election on November 2, 2021 in three state legislative chambers: the New Jersey State Senate and General Assembly and the Virginia House of Delegates.

The five incumbent Democrats who lost in the primaries represent 4.0% of all incumbent Democrats who sought re-election and 21.7% of all incumbent Democrats who faced contested primaries.

The three incumbent Republicans who lost represent 3.8% of all Republicans who sought re-election and 17.6% of those who faced contested primaries.

Here is a list of holders who lost:

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Six weeks before the general election, here’s what we cover

We’re six weeks away from the 2021 general election. Odd-numbered years tend to have a reputation for being quieter than other election cycles, but here at Ballotpedia we’ll be very busy providing you with coverage of 999 positions across. the country for the November 2 elections. Here’s a quick breakdown of those numbers:

United States House – 3

While federal elections are held in even years, we have three special Congressional elections on November 2. In Ohio, voters will fill vacancies in the state’s 11th and 15th Congressional Districts. Florida’s 20th Congressional District will also be holding a primary election.

State Executive – 5

There are five state executive offices on the ballot. Voters in New Jersey and Virginia will vote for the governor. In New Jersey, the Lieutenant Governor runs on a ticket with the Governor. In Virginia, voters will elect a new lieutenant governor separate from the gubernatorial race. The attorney general’s office is also up for election in Virginia this year.

State Legislative – 235

New Jersey and Virginia are the only states to hold regular state legislative elections: 180 districts hold elections, representing 220 seats. We also cover the 15 special state legislative elections scheduled for November 2.

Statewide voting measures – 24

Voters in six states will see a total of 24 statewide voting metrics on their general election ballots, Texans with the most eight. We’ll also cover all local voting metrics in the 100 largest cities in the United States, all state capitals, and California.

Courts – 118

Two states, Pennsylvania and Washington, hold elections for state courts with six judicial positions on the ballot. At departmental and local level, Ballotpedia follows elections or retention elections at 112 judicial posts.

County, school and municipality – 614

Twenty-eight cities will vote in municipal elections Across the country. Ballotpedia also covers the elections for the 282 county or municipal council seats to be filled and 102 other local positions such as city attorney or treasurer. In addition, we cover 202 school board positions in the elections on November 2

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Join us tomorrow for a briefing on our 2021 State Legislative Competitiveness Report

Ballotpedia’s 11th Annual State Legislative Competitiveness Report is here with facts and figures on the 2021 races in New Jersey and Virginia. We are already seeing the highest level of competition between major parties in all elections since at least 2010 and a level of competitiveness of over a decade, overall. Participants will learn more about these contests as well as the number of incumbents seeking re-election and those who faced (and lost) the primary elections.

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