Black History Month – LE SYMPOSIUM – B.C. @aacccsociety The African Arts and Cultural Contributor Society (AACCCS) is pleased to invite you to our annual Black History Month festivities, in particular our 2-day symposium, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., February 17-18, 2022 AACCCS-ISSAMBA CENTER Our Black-led, Black-serving nonprofit is an arts and cultural organization whose primary mandate is to advance awareness and understanding of richness and diversity of African culture and traditions through the promotion of a wide range of cultural activities. , activities, events and educational and artistic programs. We also aim to build resilience in the Black community. In 2020, we opened Issamba Center, a hub for people of African descent (PAD), Black and Caribbean communities, and a gateway for engagement with Black communities. It is the only center of African ancestry in British Columbia and the first on Vancouver Island. The Black in BC Convener project launched by your government, as part of the British Columbia Resilience Framework, has mandated the AACCCS-ISSAMBA center as the provincial lead for the PAD and / or the black community of British Columbia . Our organization was to lead engagement activities between the provincial government and the community to address the challenge of systemic racism in our province. As part of this role, AACCCS authored a preliminary report with broad community recommendations to decisively address racism and improve inclusion within the system. The report was formulated in consultation with an advisory committee made up of 25 black-led organizations and community leaders. Meanwhile, the findings are based on six months of research, including the Black in BC (BinBC) survey of nearly 2,000 respondents; 12 discussion groups and community conversations (including 2 in French) and bringing together 60 experts and 350 participants; 8 review meetings involving 17 advisory board members; 16 pre-ministerial meetings and ministerial round tables. We have also summarized the recommendations in priority statements for easy accessibility

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