Artist thrives at Fralin Museum of Art summer camp


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (WVIR) – The Fralin Museum of Art hosted an art camp for students this summer and student summer art at New City Art is worth seeing, which one of the artists is barely able to do it on her own.

“It helps me express my feelings,” artist Raquel Monroe said.

Monroe lost most of her vision four years ago after being diagnosed with hydrocephalus and a brain tumor. However, that didn’t stop her from using art as a gift.

“I just want to inspire others who are like me, people with disabilities and health issues. I want to inspire them by giving them hope, ”said Monroe.

The expansion of his skills came with challenges, including a mission with a camera.

“Raquel was reluctant because she said she couldn’t quite see what she was photographing,” said Amiee Hunt, associate curator at the Fralin Museum of Art.

Monroe didn’t let his limited vision block his view of the world.

“We discussed it and agreed that she should take photos of the things she’s been through in her life, and whatever photos are, these are the photos you should take,” Hunt said.

“She would say like ‘I can’t see this’ like ‘I need help with this’ and will never hold it back. I think it was really wonderful for her to be able to express herself over time, I need this and here is how you can help me with that, ”said Mary Katherine West, Summer Studio educator.

Monroe says her art is to inspire others who are like her, to give them hope, and to let them know that anything is possible even if you don’t have the greatest vision or a disability.

“I am grateful to have joined the Fralin Art Museum program because I have met new people and the staff are really great, I couldn’t ask for more. I would say it was a blessing to be a part of this group, ”said Monroe.

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