A national call for a landscape intervention intended to amaze a historic monument

Hadrian’s Wall Partnership is planning a captivating intervention in the landscape around Hadrian’s Wall.

As part of a spectacular year of events and activities in 2022, Hadrian’s Wall Partnership is planning a captivating intervention in the landscape around Hadrian’s Wall.

The team is looking for an artist or artist-led teams to create a captivating, high-quality art installation that will be one of the key events of this exciting year-round festival.

They will use the fabric of the landscape surrounding Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site in new and intriguing ways to delight and surprise visitors to the region.

The large-scale artwork is expected to be in situ for a period of at least a month as a “must see” experience in the spring and summer of 2022.

The 1900 Hadrian’s Wall Festival officially kicks off on Monday, December 13, and will mark the 1900th anniversary of the start of construction of Hadrian’s Wall.

Hundreds of events and activities will take place during the yearlong festival across the wall, from Tyneside in the east, through the central sector, across Carlisle and along the coast from Solway to the Where is.

Organizations, communities and individuals plan to celebrate this unique anniversary in multiple ways throughout 2022, in a busy schedule that will allow visitors and communities to immerse themselves in outdoor performances, walk on the wild side of the wall or time travel. with a Roman reconstruction.

Jane, Lady Gibson, President of Hadrian’s Wall Partnership, said: “It’s fantastic that we are now able to share some of our plans and ambitions for 2022 and we really look forward to receiving engaging and accessible proposals from a range of artists and organizations.

“The 1900 Hadrian’s Wall Festival will offer everyone the opportunity to celebrate and find their connection to the Wall, whether it is Roman history, the dark sky, the natural environment, the cultural diversity, food, music, the arts and more.

“Ultimately, the festival will celebrate 1900 years of this incredible World Heritage site.

“By connecting people and places across time and bringing to life the culture and experiences of local people living and working along the Wall, this festival will offer something that will stand the test of time, just like the Wall itself!

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