60% of France oppose sanctions against Russia due to economic impact

Ramin Mazaheri
TV press, Paris

With record inflation already set and a long-term recession looming, few could deny that Europe’s sanctions war on Russia has so far turned against Russia. A new poll from a major French television news channel has revealed that the French have become extremely pessimistic about the conflict in Ukraine and are increasingly fed up with the price they have to pay for a country that does not even part of the European Union or the Eurozone.

The poll found that nearly 60% want sanctions against Russia to stop or be reduced if they have too big an impact on the purchasing power of the average French person.

A whopping 75% of France say sanctions against Russia have not been effective. France is divided almost 50/50 on the question of the effectiveness of military and financial aid to Ukraine. Nearly 85% of respondents think the war will drag on for years.

The poll goes against the stated positions of Brussels, Paris and France’s top media moguls, but the economic hardship of the French working class is extremely difficult to quell.

There were more than 100 arrests in Paris last weekend during a demonstration by the Yellow Vest economic movement. Many wonder if the French will increasingly brave the well-known police and judicial repression to protest against an unequal economy that can only get worse.

After the coronavirus hiatus, the Yellow Vests have been marching across the country every Saturday since the start of their “Season 2” in October 2021. However, the French media has essentially had a blackout on the group since around June 2019.

As Europe warns that energy shortages are likely to produce a chilling winter of discontent, the new poll shows a majority of French people had already grown weary of sanctions against Russia by summer’s twilight.

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