2021 government shutdown and congressional negotiations: updates and live news


The Senate parliamentarian on Wednesday rejected Democrats ‘second attempt to try to include a path to legalize immigrants in a bill that could be passed with Democrats’ support alone, a source told CNN.

Democrats argued this time to parliamentarian that they included a provision to change the registration date from 1972 to 2010 for immigrant legalization and that it could be passed using budget reconciliation.

The effort to include immigration in their bill on the economic agenda, although it faced long chances, has been one of the last clear opportunities for Democrats to pass substantial reform of the economy. immigration during President Biden’s first year in office.

Senatorial MP Elizabeth MacDonough, an official who advises the Senate on how its rules, protocols and precedents should be applied, dismissed the Democrats’ second argument after submitting a memo on Tuesday.

“This registry proposal is also a proposal in which people who are not currently eligible to adjust their status under the law (a substantial proportion of the target population) would become eligible, which is an important policy change and our This issue’s analysis is therefore largely the same as the LPR proposal, ”MacDonough wrote in a response, which was obtained by CNN.

The source told CNN that they believe this struggle to include immigration reform “is not over,” but it is – again – a huge loss for Democrats who want to include these provisions as a last-ditch reform effort.

The decision marks the latest setback for Democrats who have placed their hopes of adopting immigration reform this year on the economic package.

Immigrant advocacy groups were disappointed with the parliamentarian’s earlier decision against a separate proposal to include legalization, but remained optimistic. Sergio Gonzales, executive director of Immigration Hub, said at the time that the decision “is not the final straw.”

These hopes, however, may be fading.

For years, Congress has tried unsuccessfully to pass legislation to pave the way for citizenship or otherwise approach the immigration system. In the absence of legislation, the Obama administration and now the Biden administration have relied on DACA to ensure that the group known as “Dreamers” – many of whom are now adults – can stay and work in the states. -United.

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